About Us

Restaurant Grand Baie was produced from a love for amazing food and repair. Through person to person, lots of effort along with a dedication to creating one-of-a-kind occasions, Restaurant Grand Baie is becoming probably the most beloved catering services.

We feel that while using finest components produces the greatest results. We’re tireless in remaining up to date with the most recent food trends. And we’re obsessive about creating customized menus and culinary masterpieces for the clients. To put it simply: we exist to create how well you see a real possibility. Why people keep on coming back to us? It is because of the following:


We understand how to make their clients feel truly welcome. We do not placed on an imitation smile and have-a-nice-day line, but provide a genuine warm welcome and appear to really worry about their customers’ dining experience. Our restaurant is independently owned and run by somebody that loves the restaurants as much as you do.


We are consistent in the caliber of their food choices. We might change our menu to help keep it fresh, however the basic flavor from the eating establishment stays exactly the same. The kind of cuisine is reliable and just what you anticipate whenever you walk-through the door and order using our menu. If you’re dying for BBQ, you won’t want to discover that reception menus has altered to vegan.

Fresh Ingredients

Regardless of what kind of menu the very best restaurants have, we prepare the dishes using the finest components. No frozen, canned, or stale components they fit on your plate. Whether or not they serve pizza, salad, or fish at a high quality place, you realize the vegetables, sauces, and meat are extremely fresh.

Friendly Staff

The meals could be fantastic but when a surly, negligent, or bored waiter serves it, it will likely be a sub par dining experience. The one who takes the transaction and returns together with your plate of food ought to be knowledgeable, prompt, respectful, and really wish to be there. When waiters enjoy serving people, their clients possess a better dining experience. Frequently, this states much concerning the management, too. Well-treated employees have better attitudes.

Talented Chef

Let us face the fact that the individual planning your meals is how the buck stops. This professional has to understand what they’re doing. Our chef is passionate, gifted, and skilled to be able to transform raw components in to the tasty main courses and sides in your plate. He also have the ability to work pressurized since this is busy work.

Being given scrumptious food inside a enjoyable atmosphere is adding nourishment for your soul. Are you aware that food created using love really is much better for you? Restaurant that are welcoming, consistent, make use of the finest components, employ engaged wait staff, and also have a gifted chef in the kitchen area become their customers’ favorite place to dine permanently reasons.